Inspection Services

Inspection Services Overview

The Company offers a suite of services which combine advanced NDE technologies and highly qualified and experienced management and personnel. Utilizing proprietary technology and procedures HSI offers proven solutions to plant owners and operators, who wish to establish component condition and its remaining useful life. Specific areas of expertise are the evaluation of pressure equipment in high temperature service, piping and vessels subject to corrosion under insulation and fireproofing (CUI/CUF). Fabrication NDE and inspection of heavy structures and weldments.

Specific Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Evaluation of Pressure Equipment in High Temperature Service
  • Evaluation of Piping and Vessels Subject to Corrosion Under Insulation and Fireproofing (CUI/CUF)
  • Fabrication NDE and Inspection of Heavy Structures and Weldments

Engineering Services

Engineering Services Overview

Determining safe operating parameters for plant equipment can be accomplished through a series of engineering studies including material property identification, integrity operating window (IOW) and risk based inspection (RBI).

By utilizing these approaches and combining comprehensive condition assessment through quantative NDE evaluation, with Remaining Life Prediction (RLA) HSI offers plant owners  a realistic insight into continued safe operation of pressure equipment.